Job Proof Canada

Job Proof Canada is revolutionizing the way employers select and hire their next employee(s). Job seekers are now able to approach employers already having some or all of their employment history for the last 5 years verified and employers can instantly access this information. 


Job Proof is dedicated to simplifying the job hiring process for any company who needs to hire immediately. We offer a hassle-free alternative to calling references and dealing with voicemail and out-of-office replies. We understand that waiting to reach a prospect's references is not always an option. We believe it is beneficial for employers to know before the interview process whether a candidate does indeed have the experience listed on their resume.


Job Proof is equally dedicated to helping job seekers land their perfect job. We are committed to solving a problem that has plagued job seekers for decades; how do I get my resume to stand out? Fancy fonts and formatting tricks just don't work. Qualifications are important of course but a lot of people have the same qualifications...or so they say. We offer job seekers the chance to make things easier for employers. The more past positions you have verified, the less work a potential employer has to do. 


We are excited to be offering this unique service and we look forward to helping you in your job hiring or job seeking process.