Job Proof Canada


All resumes look the same. Narrow down candidates by choosing those who have a proven record of experience. Find out before the interview process whether an applicant actually has the experience they say they do.
If an applicant provided you with a Job Proof reference number, you can instantly find which of his/her past positions have been verified. We verify job titles and dates of employment for the last 5 years and issue a star rating based on the reliability of the source in which we verified the information:
5 Stars - Record of Employment
4 Stars - HR Manger / Payroll Administrator / Company Owner
2 Stars - Manager or Supervisor
Our findings are compiled into a report and this report is accessible to you in real time. Simply enter a reference number, purchase the report for $29.95 and download the PDF. Simple as that! 
No need to take a resume at face value again. Don't waste one more minute in the job hiring process. Sign Up Now!