Job Proof Canada

How It Works


You received a Job Proof Confirmation of Registration. Now what?

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    Sign up to become a member (optional). You can purchase reports without being a member but only members can keep track of reports ordered.

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    Enter the reference number quoted within the Confirmation of Registration to search for your applicant's report.

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    Purchase the report for $29.95 to instantly find out which of your applicant's past positions have been verified.

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    Download the report (PDF).

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    Match the results in our report to your applicant's resume.  

What's in the Job Proof report?


♦  Job Proof verifies job titles and dates of employment for the applicant's last three employers within the last five years.


♦  Each past position receives a 2 - 5 star rating based on the reliability of the source in which we verified the information:


5 Stars - Record of Employment

4 Stars - HR Manager / Payroll Personnel / Company Owner

2 Stars - Manager or Supervisor


♦  The applicant receives an overall rating in the top right-hand corner of the report.


♦  The report lets you know the number of references the applicant is able to provide to you.


♦  To see a sample report, click below: