Job Proof Canada

Why Choose Us


1. Information is available in real time (as long as the applicant provided you with a Job Proof reference number). We are the only employment verification service in Canada that provides employers with instant results.


2. Options. Check an applicant's job history five minutes after receiving their resume or five days after the interview. Perfect if you need to hire someone right away.

3. No sign up fees so you are never “locked in”. Order as many reports as you like (no minimum orders).

4. Save time. If two or more candidates have similar qualifications, make sure they actually have the necessary experience. Why waste time in an interview only to find out one or more applicants has exaggerated his/her experience?

5. Reliability. Job Proof assigns a 2 to 5 star-rating dependant upon the source with which we verified the information. This rating is displayed on each report so you know at a glance how reliable the information is (5 stars for Record of Employment; 4 stars for HR Manager, Payroll personnel, Company Owner; 2 stars for Manager or Supervisor).

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