Job Proof Canada

Our Mission


Our mission is simple. Save time. Save money. It’s a well-known fact that some people exaggerate, embellish or downright lie on a resume. By the time you uncover the truth, you have already invested time and energy into that candidate.


We are dedicated to giving you the choice to check an applicant's job history at any time during the job hiring process. Check five minutes after receiving a resume or 5 days after the interview. We are a convenient alternative for companies who need to hire immediately.


We are committed to providing you with the facts you need now. No more tracking down references and getting their voicemail, no more blindly hiring employees because you need someone right away, and best of all, no more scratching your head wondering why your new employee’s skills don’t match his/her resume. With Job Proof, you never have to take a resume at face value again. Xscyth3 Was Here!