Job Proof Canada

Employer Faq

Q. 1 : Do I need a member account to use this service?

No. Simply enter the reference number and Submit. You will not be charged until you click "Buy Now". Our services are offered on a pay-per-report basis.  .

Q. 2 : What exactly does Job Proof verify?

We currently verify Job Titles and Dates of Employment. We are in the process of adding reference checks.

Q. 3 : Can I know how many past positions have been verified before I order a report?

For a reference number to be generated, a job seeker must have at least one job verified. You will never buy a report and find nothing has been verified.

Q. 4 : Why does the report show one past position verified when the applicant has 5 past positions listed on his/her resume?

We verify the last three positions within the last five years based on information provided to us by the job seeker. If only one position has been verified, the job seeker may only have one reference to provide.

Q. 5 : What is the 5-star rating system and how does it work?

The 5-star rating system rates verifications from 2 to 5 stars (with 5 stars being the highest). This is based on the method of verifying employment history. The more reliable the source, the higher the rating:


5 Stars – Record of Employment

4 Stars – HR Manager / Payroll Administrator /Company Owner

2 Stars – Manager or Supervisor


Each position verified will receive a rating. These ratings are tallied to generate an overall rating that will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of every report. This rating system serves as an incentive for job seekers to submit reliable sources for employment verification.

Q. 6 : Do you check employment references?

We are in the process of adding reference checks. 

Q. 7 : Is there a 100% guarantee that a job seeker has all the past experience verified?

With any employment verification service, there is always a chance that the contact provided to us is not who they claim to be. We make every effort to verify the validity of the contact. We also encourage job seekers to upload their Record of Employment.