Job Proof Canada

Job seeker Faq

Q. 1: Who can use your service?

Any job seeker who is looking for an office job can use our service.

Q. 2: How long does it take to verify my past employment?

It usually takes 2 to 3 business days if we are contacting your previous employers. It takes 1 business day if you upload your Record of Employment.

Q. 3: What will your agents ask when they contact my former employer?

This depends on which contact you have provided. If HR or payroll, we will confirm your job title (position held) and dates of employment (when you started/when you left). If a manager, we will ask for a reference.

Q. 4: What happens if you cannot reach my previous employer?

After 3 attempts, our report will indicate "contact not able to be reached".

Q. 5: Can I (or should I) use your service if I only want SOME of my past employment verified?

Absolutely. We can verify up to 3 past employers. It’s completely up to you who we contact. Remember, being verified with one job is still better than not being verified at all.

Q. 6: I have multiple Records of Employment for the same employer. How do I upload them?

We allow one Record of Employment per employer. If you were a contract/temporary worker or laid off and re-hired, you can submit each R.O.E. as a separate entry. For all other reasons for multiple R.O.E.'s for same employer (sick leave, maternity leave, compassionate leave, etc...) it is best to provide your previous employer's contact information so we can verify their record of when you officially started and ended.

Q. 7: Can I use your service if I am currently employed?

Yes. If you are seasonally employed, leaving work to go back to school or perhaps the company you work for is moving, why not get verified before you lose those contacts? Or perhaps you are on maternity leave and don’t want to return to the same job (but don’t want to tell your boss yet). Simply upload your Record of Employment and once verified, you’re ready to apply for a new job.

Q. 8: Do you check employment references?

We are in the process of developing standardized reference checks.

Q. 9: Will potential employers contact my references without my knowledge?

No. We only contact those whom you gave us permission to contact. We would never contact your previous employer without your permission. 

Q. 10: My jobs have been verified but now I want to add a different job. How do I do that?

You can submit a maximum of 3 past jobs. If you reached your maximum but then decide, for example, you'd rather show the job you had for a year as opposed to the one you had for 3 months, simply delete the job you don't want and add the new job. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you delete ALL verified jobs listed in your work history, you will lose your reference number and a new one will have to be generated.

Q. 11: Do reference numbers expire?

No. Once your reference number is generated, it will always be valid. If you find a job, simply deactivate your number so employers will no longer have access to your employment history. You can always re-activate your reference number when you are once again looking for employment.

Q. 12: What is the 5-Star rating system?

The 5-star rating system rates verifications from 2 to 5 stars (with 5 stars being the highest). This is based on the method in which we verify your employment history. The more reliable the source, the higher the rating. For example, a Record of Employment receives 5 stars because it is considered an official document and every worker in Canada receives the same standard document (therefore considered very reliable).


The rating is as follows:

5 Stars – Record of Employment

4 Stars – HR Manager / Payroll Administrator / Company Owner

2 Stars – Manager or Supervisor


Each individual verification receives a rating. These ratings are tallied together to generate your overall rating. The higher the rating, the more appealing you are to potential employers.


*It is important to remember, no matter the rating, it is still better to be verified than not to be verified at all.

Q. 13: I received my Confirmation of Registration PDF. How do I submit to employers?

If emailing your resume, simply attach the PDF certificate to your email. If applying through a company's website or job posting site, there may only be one upload button (for your resume). In this case, you can insert your certificate (PDF) right into your resume (Word document). Open your resume in Word, click Insert > Object > Create From File > Browse to find your PDF certifcate > click Insert.

Q. 14: What are Employer Updates?

This is a feature where we notify you by email every time an employer checks your job history. You get unlimited notifications for just $9.95. Stop guessing whether anyone is interested in you. Login to your account and sign up now!

Q. 15: Can I find out which employers have checked on me?

‘Employer Updates’ is a feature that lets you know how many employers are interested in you but not the names of those employers.

Q. 16: I found a job. What about all the other employers who have my reference number? Will they still have access to my job history?

As long as your reference number is active, employers can access your job history. When you find a job, simply log into your account, under 'My Work History', click the light bulb icon to deactivate your reference number. You can always re-activate it the next time you are looking for a job.

Q. 17: Is my personal information secure?

Yes. Our website is SSL certified. The https:// in our url means your information is stored securely.